Thursday, November 26, 2009


I am thankful for...

The movie Legally Blonde, because without it I don't think I could have made it through the past few weeks.

Haterz. Because without the haterz I wouldn't be getting ready for when I'm famous and the tabloid magazines are gonna be talking about me all the time.

Underdog stories. Because lately that is what I identify most with. The person being dragged down by the Man, the people with power who just want to bring someone trying to express themselves down. But the underdog doesn't give up. He/she believes in themselves.

My best friend in the world, Diane. Who no matter what is there for me.

My future husband. Whoever you are. I love you.

My friends in Texas and my friend in St. Louis, and any other friends that I have acquired throughout my adventures. You rock.

People who don't get the joke... because you give me something to laugh about later on.

Everyone who reads this blog. I'm sorry I get so busy. I don't want to write stupid blog entries and haven't had time to write something really fantastic... I don't want to give this anything less than the best.

The phrase "laying down the law" because that's my choice expression as of late...

Repugnance... :)

My badass room mate Emily who knows when to tell it to me straight, knows when to comfort, and knows when to be awesome... oh wait, she is all the time.

Especially my family. Because they are love.

And most importantly...

I am thankful for love. And all the love I have experienced and will get to experience.

Happy Tgiving, y'all!